2015 Complete Schedule - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Complete Schedule | Saturday, May 30th & Sunday, May 31st

CompetitionPool / RdDateTimeLocationTeam 1Team 1 ScoreTeam 2Team 2 Score
Men's CRCA5/309:00 AMAcademy Field 1Cal33Boston College5
Men's CRCA5/309:00 AMAcademy Field 2Notre Dame19Virginia Tech36
Men's CRCB5/309:40 AMAcademy Field 1Temple7Navy12
Men's CRCB5/309:40 AMAcademy Field 2Air Force14Kutztown24
Men's CRCC5/3010:00 AMAcademy Field 1Alabama12Indiana26
Men's CRCC5/3010:00 AMAcademy Field 2Clemson14LIFE26
Men's CRCD5/3010:20 AMAcademy Field 1Arkansas State17Michigan5
Men's CRCD5/3010:20 AMAcademy Field 2Texas0UCLA50
Men's CRCE5/3010:40 AMAcademy Field 1Arizona33Penn State10
Men's CRCE5/3010:40 AMAcademy Field 2Dartmouth31St. Joseph's7
Men's CRCA5/3011:00 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Virginia Tech17Boston College17
Men's CRCA5/3011:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Cal39Notre Dame5
Men's CRCB5/3011:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Kutztown14Navy24
Men's CRCB5/3012:00 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Temple12Air Force24
Men's CRCD5/3012:20 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Texas10Arkansas State22
Men's CRCD5/3012:40 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)UCLA12Michigan17
Men's CRCC5/301:00 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Clemson12Alabama14
Men's CRCC5/301:20 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)LIFE19Indiana24
Men's CRCE5/301:40 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)St. Joseph's12Arizona5
Men's CRCE5/302:00 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Dartmouth15Penn State10
Men's CRCD5/302:20 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Michigan29Texas10
Men's CRCD5/302:40 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Arkansas State19UCLA0
Men's CRCA5/303:07 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Cal12Virginia Tech7
Men's CRCA5/303:32 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Boston College15Notre Dame19
Men's CRCB5/303:57 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Air Force5Navy27
Men's CRCE5/304:35 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Penn State24St. Joseph's21
Men's CRCB5/304:57 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Temple7Kutztown49
Men's CRCC5/305:19 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)LIFE36Alabama0
Men's CRCE5/305:41 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Dartmouth0Arizona24
Men's CRCC5/306:03 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Clemson5Indiana27
Men's CRCCup QF15/319:00 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Navy5Life15
Men's CRCCup QF25/319:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Indiana12Kutztown31
Men's CRCCup QF35/319:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Arkansas St5Arizona7
Men's CRCCup QF45/3110:00 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Cal31Michigan0
Men's CRCShield Semi 15/3110:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Boston College38Texas5
Men's CRCShield Semi 25/3110:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Clemson17Temple21
Men's CRCBowl Semi 15/3111:00 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)St Joes21Alabama14
Men's CRCBowl Semi 25/3111:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Penn State0Notre Dame22
Men's CRCPlate Semi 15/312:10 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Dartmouth20Air Force5
Men's CRCPlate Semi 25/312:35 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Virginia Tech10UCLA27
Men's CRCCup Semi #15/313:00 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Cal33Life5
Men's CRCCup Semi #25/313:25 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Kutztown19Arizona14
Men's CRCShield Final5/314:10 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Boston College12Temple19
Men's CRCBowl Final5/314:34 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)St Joes17Notre Dame22
Men's CRCPlate Final5/314:59 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Dartmouth5UCLA33
Men's CRCCup Final5/315:23 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Cal17Kutztown12
NSCROB5/308:00 AMAcademy Field 1UNF26LC7
NSCROB5/308:20 AMAcademy Field 1NMHU19LU5
NSCROA5/308:40 AMAcademy Field 1NEC17WSC0
NSCROA5/309:20 AMAcademy Field 1CC33SU0
NSCROB5/3011:00 AMAcademy Field 1NMHU19LC5
NSCROB5/3011:20 AMAcademy Field 1UNF24LU0
NSCROA5/3011:40 AMAcademy Field 1NEC31SU12
NSCROA5/3012:00 PMAcademy Field 1CC22WSC7
NSCROB5/301:00 PMAcademy Field 1NMHU33UNF14
NSCROB5/301:20 PMAcademy Field 1LC41LU10
NSCROA5/301:30 PMAcademy Field 1NEC14CC12
NSCROA5/302:00 PMAcademy Field 1SU19WSC26
NSCROSemifinal5/318:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Claremont0New Mexico33
NSCROSemifinal5/318:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)NEC33UNF5
NSCRO7th Place5/3111:00 AMAcademy Field 2Lee17SU24
NSCRO5th Place5/3111:20 AMAcademy Field 2WSC20Lafayette5
NSCRO3rd Place5/3111:40 AMAcademy Field 2UNF28Claremont17
NSCROFinal5/311:40 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)NEC19New Mexico22
Women's CRCA5/2912:00 PMAcademy Field 1James Madison5Michigan10
Women's CRCA5/2912:17 PMAcademy Field 2Notre Dame Irish0Penn State24
Women's CRCB5/2912:34 PMAcademy Field 1Arizona10Kutztown15
Women's CRCB5/2912:51 PMAcademy Field 2Life12Notre Dame College19
Women's CRCC5/291:08 PMAcademy Field 1AIC22Boston5
Women's CRCC5/291:25 PMAcademy Field 2Delaware0Lindenwood39
Women's CRCA5/291:42 PMAcademy Field 1James Madison22Notre Dame Irish10
Women's CRCA5/291:59 PMAcademy Field 2Michigan7Penn State36
Women's CRCB5/292:16 PMAcademy Field 1Arizona10Life34
Women's CRCB5/292:33 PMAcademy Field 2Kutztown0Notre Dame College29
Women's CRCC5/292:50 PMAcademy Field 1Boston0Lindenwood29
Women's CRCC5/293:07 PMAcademy Field 2AIC42Delaware0
Women's CRCA5/293:24 PMAcademy Field 1James Madison0Penn State46
Women's CRCA5/293:41 PMAcademy Field 2Michigan21Notre Dame Irish5
Women's CRCB5/293:58 PMAcademy Field 1Arizona5Notre Dame College17
Women's CRCB5/294:15 PMAcademy Field 2Kutztown0Life26
Women's CRCC5/294:32 PMAcademy Field 1Boston19Delaware17
Women's CRCC5/294:49 PMAcademy Field 2AIC5Lindenwood14
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Quarter5/3010:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Life27Delaware5
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Quarter5/3010:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Notre Dame Irish0Michigan28
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Quarter5/3012:20 PMAcademy Field 1James Madison15Arizona12
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Quarter5/3012:40 PMAcademy Field 1Kutztown17Boston12
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Losers Game 15/301:20 PMAcademy Field 2Notre Dame Irish5Arizona31
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Winners Game 15/304:00 PMAcademy Field 1Life19Kutztown0
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Winners Game 25/304:20 PMAcademy Field 1Michigan32James Madison17
Women's CRCChallenge Cup Losers Game 25/304:40 PMAcademy Field 1Delaware22Boston7
Women's CRCCup Semi 15/306:35 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Penn State31American Inter. College0
Women's CRCCup Semi 25/307:15 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Lindenwood24Notre Dame College17
Women's CRC5/319:00 AMAcademy Field 1Notre Dame Irish19Boston5
Women's CRC5/319:20 AMAcademy Field 1Arizona20Delaware0
Women's CRC5/319:40 AMAcademy Field 1James Madison12Kutztown17
Women's CRC5/3110:00 AMAcademy Field 1Michigan0Life37
Women's CRC5/311:00 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)American International College10Notre Dame College5
City 4A5/3012:00 PMAcademy Field 2Drexel12U. of Pennsylvania7
City 4A5/3012:20 PMAcademy Field 2LaSalle5Villanova10
City 4A5/302:40 PMAcademy Field 1DrexelVillanova
City 4A5/306:55 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)U. of Pennsylvania10Villanova12
City 4A5/307:35 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Drexel21LaSalle0
City 4Consolation5/3112:20 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)U. of Pennsylvania17LaSalle0
City 4Championship5/3112:40 PMPPL Park (In-stadium)Drexel22Villanova10
HS GirlsA5/2910:00 AMPennBerkshire0Doylestown51
HS GirlsA5/2910:20 AMPennSummit25West Shore0
HS GirlsB5/2910:40 AMPennDowningtown20West Chester7
HS GirlsB5/2911:00 AMPennSouth Texas0Blaze45
HS GirlsC5/2911:20 AMPennDivine Savior35Kiski Valley0
HS GirlsC5/2911:40 AMPennNorth Texas38Valkyries5
HS GirlsA5/2912:00 PMPennDoylestown22Summit5
HS GirlsA5/2912:20 PMPennWest Shore32Berkshire0
HS GirlsB5/2912:40 PMPennWest Chester5South Texas24
HS GirlsB5/291:00 PMPennBlaze52Downingtown0
HS GirlsC5/291:20 PMPennKiski Valley0North Texas60
HS GirlsC5/291:40 PMPennValkyries0Divine Savior39
HS GirlsB5/309:20 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Downingtown7South Texas19
HS GirlsC5/309:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Divine Savior24North Texas17
HS GirlsA5/3010:00 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)Bershire0Summit48
HS GirlsA5/302:00 PMAcademy Field 2Doyelstown24West Shore7
HS GirlsC5/302:20 PMAcademy Field 2Kiski Valley0Valkryies7
HS GirlsB5/302:40 PMAcademy Field 2West Chester0Blaze26
HS GirlsSemi5/304:20 PMAcademy Field 2Blaze19Divine Savior0
HS GirlsSemi5/304:40 PMAcademy Field 2Doyelstown7North Texas22
HS Girls5/318:40 AMAcademy Field 1Summit31South TexasDivine Savior
HS Girls5/311:00 PMAcademy Field 1Divine Savior39North Texas0
HS GirlsFinals5/3111:40 AMPPL Park (In-stadium)
HS BoysSSA5/2910:00 AMNeumann Univ.LaSalle5Unionville14
HS BoysCA5/2910:00 AMNeumann Univ.Doylestown35North Philly0
HS BoysSSA5/2910:20 AMNeumann Univ.Pride29Roman Catholic0
HS BoysCA5/2910:20 AMNeumann Univ.Kiski Valley7Rocky Mountain27
HS BoysSSC5/2910:40 AMNeumann Univ.Downingtown15St. Augustine5
HS BoysCA5/2910:40 AMNeumann Univ.Exiles17Lions 110
HS BoysSSX5/2911:00 AMNeumann Univ.Salesianum10Bishop Shanahan7
HS BoysCB5/2911:00 AMNeumann Univ.Blaze22Glendale5
HS BoysSSD5/2911:20 AMNeumann Univ.Greenwich26Rock Rugby7
HS BoysCB5/2911:20 AMNeumann Univ.West Shore45Narberth0
HS BoysSSB5/2911:40 AMNeumann Univ.Burrell22St Joes Prep19
HS BoysCX5/2911:40 AMNeumann Univ.Media5Lions 224
HS BoysCA5/2912:00 PMNeumann Univ.Doyelstown12Kiski Valley5
HS BoysCC5/2912:00 PMNeumann Univ.NorthThorn7Berkshire38
HS BoysCA5/2912:20 PMNeumann Univ.Rocky Mountain27North Philly7
HS BoysCD5/2912:20 PMNeumann Univ.Unionville5Pride36
HS BoysSSB5/2912:40 PMNeumann Univ.Malvern Prep0Archmere26
HS BoysSSA5/2912:40 PMNeumann Univ.Roman Catholic15LaSalle17
HS BoysCB5/291:00 PMNeumann Univ.Lions 119Blaze36
HS BoysSSB5/291:00 PMNeumann Univ.Rock Rugby34Bishop Shanahan0
HS BoysCB5/291:20 PMNeumann Univ.Glendale0Exiles31
HS BoysSSC5/291:20 PMNeumann Univ.Salesianum26Burrell14
HS BoysCC5/291:40 PMNeumann Univ.Lions 217Narberth5
HS BoysSSX5/291:40 PMNeumann Univ.St Joes Prep0Greenwich31
HS BoysCX5/292:00 PMNeumann Univ.NorthThorn5West Shore32
HS BoysSSB5/292:00 PMNeumann Univ.Archmere26Downingtown7
HS BoysCD5/292:20 PMNeumann Univ.Berkshire19Media7
HS BoysSSA5/292:20 PMNeumann Univ.St Augustine26Malvern Prep0
HS BoysSSA5/308:00 AMAcademy Field 2Unionville17Roman Catholic0
HS BoysSSD5/308:20 AMAcademy Field 2North Philly0Kiski Valley35
HS BoysSSD5/308:40 AMAcademy Field 2Doyelstown5Rocky Mountain14
HS BoysSSD5/309:20 AMAcademy Field 2Burrell0Greenwich35
HS BoysSSB5/3011:00 AMAcademy Field 2Malvern Prep0Downingtown31
HS BoysSSB5/3011:20 AMAcademy Field 2Archmere17St. Augustine10
HS BoysSSC/SSD5/3011:40 AMAcademy Field 2Bishop Shanahan21St. Joseph's Prep12
HS BoysCB5/3012:40 PMAcademy Field 2Exiles24Blaze17
HS BoysCD/C5/301:00 PMAcademy Field 2Berkshire26Narberth10
HS BoysCD5/301:40 PMAcademy Field 2Media29North Penn0
HS Boys5/303:00 PMAcademy Field 2Pride10Archmere19
HS Boys5/303:20 PMAcademy Field 2Greenwich12Rock Rugby15
HS Boys5/303:40 PMAcademy Field 2West Shore28Rocky Mountain12
HS Boys5/304:00 PMAcademy Field 2Berkshire7Exiles17
HS BoysSSA5/308:00 AMPPL Park (In-Stadium)LaSalle0Pride39
HS BoysCC5/308:20 AMPPL Park (In-Stadium)West Shore19Lions212
HS BoysCB5/308:40 AMPPL Park (In-Stadium)Lions 133Glendale5
HS BoysSSC5/309:00 AMPPL Park (In-Stadium)Salesianum5Rock Rugby28
HS BoysSS5/31/20158:00 AMAcademy Field 1Downingtown22Salesianum5
HS BoysC5/31/20158:20 AMAcademy Field 1Blaze12Lions 27
HS BoysC5/31/201512:40 PMAcademy Field 1Berkshire12Rocky Mountain34
HS BoysSS5/31/20151:20 PMAcademy Field 1Roman Catholic7Malvern Prep19
HS BoysSS5/31/20158:00 AMAcademy Field 2Unionville19St Augustine5
HS BoysC5/31/20158:20 AMAcademy Field 2Lions 136Media7
HS BoysSS5/31/20159:00 AMAcademy Field 2St Joes Prep5LaSalle24
HS BoysC5/31/20159:20 AMAcademy Field 2Narberth19Kiski Valley25
HS BoysSS5/31/20159:40 AMAcademy Field 2Burrell5Bishop Shanahan17
HS BoysSS5/31/201510:40 AMAcademy Field 2Pride21Greenwich26
HS BoysC5/31/201512:20 PMAcademy Field 2NorthThorn0"Motley"36