2016 Olympic TV Schedule - Collegiate Rugby Championship
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DateTime (ET)CompetitionMatchLive or Re-BroadcastNBC Media Platform
Saturday, August 612:00 PMWomen's RugbyU.S. vs FijiLiveNBCSN
Saturday, August 612:30 PMWomen's RugbyAustralia vs ColombiaLiveNBCSN
Saturday, August 63:30 PMWomen's RugbyNew Zealand vs SpainDelayed @ 19:00CNBC
Saturday, August 65:00 PMWomen's RugbyUnited States vs. ColombiaLiveCNBC
Sunday, August 75:30 PMWomen's RugbyAustralia vs FijiDelayed @ 19:30CNBC
Sunday, August 711:30 AMWomen's RugbyCanada vs Great BritainDelayed @ 12:00USA Network
Sunday, August 74:00 PM - 6:00PMWomen's RugbyQuater Finals 1-4LiveUSA Network
Monday, August 81:30 PM - 2:30 PMWomen's RugbySemi FinalsLiveNBCSN
Monday, August 85:00 PMWomen's Rugby5th PlaceDelayed @ TBDCNBC
Monday, August 85:30 PM - 6:30 PMWomen's RugbyBronze and Gold Medal FinalsLiveCNBC
Tuesday, August 910:00 AMMen's RugbyAustralia vs FranceLiveNBCSN
Tuesday, August 910:30 AMMen's RugbySouth Africa vs SpainLiveNBCSN
Tuesday, August 911:00 AMMen's RugbyGreat Britain vs KenyaLiveNBCSN
Tuesday, August 911:30 AMMen's RugbyNew Zealnad vs JapanLiveNBCSN
Tuesday, August 912:00 PMMen's RugbyUnited States vs ArgentinaLiveNBCSN
Tuesday, August 912:30 PMMen's RugbyFiji vs. BrazilLiveNBCSN
Tuesday, August 93:30 PMMen's RugbySouth Africa vs FranceLiveUSA Network
Tuesday, August 94:00 PMMen's RugbyGreat Britain vs JapanLiveUSA Network
Tuesday, August 94:30 PMMen's RugbyNew Zealand vs KenyaLiveUSA Network
Tuesday, August 95:00 PMMen's RugbyUnited States vs, BrazilLiveCNBC
Tuesday, August 95:30 PMMen's RugbyFiji vs. ArgentinaLiveCNBC
Wednesday, August 1011:30 AMMen's RugbyNew Zealand vs. Great BritainDelayed @ 12:00USA Network
Wednesday, August 1012:30 PMMen's RugbyUnited States vs FijiLiveUSA Network
Wednesday, August 104:00 PM - 5:00 PMMen's RugbyQuater Finals 1 & 2LiveUSA Network
Wednesday, August 105:00 PM - 6:00 PMMen's RugbyQuater Finals 3 & 4LiveCNBC
Thursday, August 111:30 PM - 2:30 PMMen's RugbySemi FinalsLiveNBCSN
Thursday, August 115:00 PMMen's Rugby5th Place MatchDelayed @ TBDNBCSN
Thursday, August 115:30 PM - 6:30 PMMen's RugbyBronze and Gold Medal FinalsLiveNBCSN

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