A Small School Beats All Odds to get to the NSCRO Men’s 7s National Championship   - Collegiate Rugby Championship
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In their first year as a member of the National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO) , Christendom College has made it all the way to the Men’s 7s National Championship, hosted by the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship.

“We are excited to participate in the NSCRO Nationals this year and have high expectations,” said the team’s Assistant Coach, James Conrad.

Schools participating in NSCRO must have a of 4,500 full-time male enrolled students. The organization itself encompasses hundreds of small colleges throughout the nation. In order to reach the 7s championship a team must win a qualifying tournament. This year 74 clubs competed in different qualifying tournaments, the largest number of participants ever. This Roman Catholic College succeeded to become one of eight teams competing in this championship.

Christendom is made up of just under 450 students, about 200 of these are the male attendees who make up the small pool of the university’s five varsity sports teams. The Christendom Athletics Programs most recent addition was the university’s rugby team. It started as a club sport in 2006 and competed under the name Sacre Coeure. The university was initially hesitant about the student’s participation due to the potential of losing athletes from other teams. However, by 2008 the team officially joined the varsity roster and is now known as the Christendom College Rugby Football club.

In 2013 Theo Smith took over as the head coach and he was joined by Conrad a year later. To appease the athletic department, it began as a spring sport as to not interfere with fall semester’s athletic participation. However, all of the local collegiate teams that were around participated in the fall, making it difficult for Christendom to compete.

“We’ve always been regulated to the spring and in the leagues in our area they all play in the fall. There was always some sort of reservation about moving into the fall and drawing kids from some of the other sports- like soccer for instance.”

Finally, this fall was the first year the team was given permission to participate in a fall league. In their first season with the Cardinal Collegiate Rugby Conference, the team went 4-1-1. Now they will enter the NSCRO 7s Men’s National Championship with a spring record of 4-1-0.

2017 marks the fifth year of the Penn Mutual CRC hosting the NSCRO Men’s 7s National Championship. The eight participants will be divided into separate clusters of four. Pool A is made up of New Mexico Highlands, Colby, Christendom, Wisconsin-Stevens Point while Pool B includes St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Babson, Duke, Solano Community College.

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