Former West Point Football Player Kicks For Rugby - Collegiate Rugby Championship
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After being recruited as a kicker for the NCAA Division I football team at the United States Military Academy, Jon Kim was distraught when he got cut from the team. Throughout his childhood Kim played soccer until he attended the United States Military Academy Preparatory School, also known as West Point Prep, where he was encouraged to try football.

“When I got cut from the football team it was a small period where I didn’t really know what sport to play or what to do. A lot of my friends who were on the rugby team recommended rugby might be a good fit because…of my kicking abilities,” explained Kim. “So I tried out for the team and fell in love with the game and have tried to learn as much as I can. So it’s been kind of crazy…but I think it’s definitely the best choice I made here at West Point.”

Now 16 months later, the rising senior has stuck with the sport and is a frequent starter. He’s tried both 7s and 15s and frequently plays fly half when he’s not trying to fulfill requirements for his major, Environmental Engineering.

Currently the school has finished its spring academic semester so the West Point men’s rugby team has been

practicing twice a day every weekday. Their current record going into the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship is 16-8-1. Their most recent match was against Penn State where the team lost 15-19. As of now the team is scheduled to play Lindenwood, St. Joseph’s and Navy, with these results determining if they will progress in the championship.

With the Academy being about 90 minutes north of New York City, the team will be taking two 15-passenger vans down to Philadelphia and will return June 5 to West Point. The day after the CRC Kim and some of his classmates as expected to be up at 6 a.m. to begin a summer training trip in the woods until June 21. After Kim completes this and returns home he plans on following the rugby team’s summer lifting and conditioning guidelines to prepare for the fall season.

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