Arkansas State vs UCLA - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Match Summary

Benjamin Brosselle’s try put UCLA in front 5–0. As the first half drew to a close, Pedro Alvarez leveled the score and Brock Roper’s conversion gave the Red Wolves the the 7–5 lead. Not to be outdone, UCLA’s Eric Naposki-Abdalah shook a defender and dover in for the lead 10–7 halftime lead.

Fresh out of the half, Zach Young exploded for five more Arkansas State points in the right corner to regain the lead for the Red Wolves (12–10). With four minutes remaining in the match, Young went up for a ball and tumbled hard to the ground over the back of Connor Bercik, who was shown yellow for the infraction.

With two minutes to go, Brosselle tried to catch the corner but was tackled high. It gave UCLA a penalty inside the ASU ten-meter line and returned the Bruins to full strength. With the position, Naposki-Abalah waltzed into the corner for the lead. Cian Barry’s conversion put UCLA up 17–12 with half a minute to play.

Needing to finish clean, UCLA erred by kicking the restart directly into touch. ASU’s Young took the free kick and the Red Wolves looked to set to work. A poor decision to try a kick over the UCLA defense gave the ball to the Bruins who kicked to touch for the huge win.

UCLA: #2T, #11T/#11T, #10C
ASU: #8T, #13C/#2T