Boston College vs Temple - Collegiate Rugby Championship

The local Temple Owls have won the CRC Shield with a 19-12 win over the Boston College Eagles. Temple were awarded a penalty try for the first of the game after a high tackle near the try line on Ryan Grow. Steven Engle got the ball down barely over the try line with about a minute to play to put Temple up 12-0 at the end of the first half. Boston College started the second half with a man-up advantage following a late yellow card to Temple in the previous half. Boston College took advantage of the situation, and Connor Shaw burst past the try line to cut the deficit to seven points. However, Temple got it back when Peter Mulville crossed the try line in the corner following a penalty restart. A conversion gave Temple a 15-point lead with under a minute to go. Danny Schatzman made things interesting with under 20 seconds remaining with a great run for a try. But, Temple cleared the ball out of bounds as time expired to lock in a Shield victory.

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