Kutztown vs Navy - Collegiate Rugby Championship

The Navy Midshipmen won a tightly-contested battle with Kutztown, 24-14. Kutztown started the game off with a speedy and gritty try from Trent Hensley. A conversion would put them up 7-0 a little under three minutes into the half. Navy brought the pressure back, and finally got on the board with a try from Jack McAuliffe. They added a conversion to go tie the game up at 7. Dakota Raymond broke free and burst over the try line to give Navy the 12-7 lead with just seconds to play in the first half. Kutztown tied things up with a try from Brad Frederick, and took the lead on the conversion. However, a relentless Midshipmen attack led to another McAuliffe try to put Navy back in the lead, 17-14. They kept at it, as John Ruck powered across the try line. A conversion brought Navy’s lead to 24-14.

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