Lindenwood Women vs Kutztown Women - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Off the opening kick, Lindenwood darts up the gut for try under the post. Straight-forward conversion good for the 7–0 lead. Throughout most of the first half, Kutztown struggled to get out of its own half. Untidy ball handling and quick gap-control defense by Lindenwood hampered any attack Kutztown could mount. Lindenwood was also not immune to ball-handling errors, with at least one directly costing Lindenwood a try. Despite the quick start, the opening try remained the only score at halftime.

Kutztown finally got some forward momentum from the restart and charged inside the Lindenwood ten-meter line. Although unable to find an edge or a gap, Lindenwood penalties kept Kutztown’s attack alive. After several minutes of consistent defense, Lindenwood finally got possession and made the most of it with a long-distance try and conversion to take a 14–0 lead, which felt insurmountable in the face of the relentless Lion’s defense. Right off the kick, Kutztown again got its best offense of the match. Finally crossing for a try to the right of the post. The crucial conversion was off, keeping Lindenwood in front by two-scores. Lindenwood soon ended any possibility of defeat with a sixty-meter try under the post. The conversion made it 21–5. On full time, Lindenwood added one last try, this time unconverted, to place a stamp on the match. Lindenwood 26, Kutztown 5. Lindenwood’s hope of a first-ever CRC title remains alive and well.