New Mexico Highlands vs Christendom College - Collegiate Rugby Championship

NSCRO Semifinal 1, New Mexico Highlands v. Christendom: The match could not have started worse for New Mexico Highlands as a penalty on the restart left Christendom with a seven-on-six advantage. Overcoming the disadvantage, Freddy Puriza dotted down in the second minute for the short-handed score. The conversion from Lawrence Garcia both extended the lead to seven and saw the end of the yellow card. New Mexico Highlands again saw a yellow card, this time while defending its own five-meter line. Without Quadrius Miller, the Votos faced a tough challenge on defense. Nevertheless, Christendom was unable to capitalize on the territory and numbers. Instead, it was the Votos’ Jackson Voshon putting up the points. Garcia’s conversion from in front of the post was off the mark, keeping it 12–0 at halftime.
The Votos were pinged for an early penalty but persevered for the ninth-minute try by Devarius Miller. Jake Covington’s try in the final quarter of play accompanied by Garcia’s conversion put the match out of reach and saw the Votos lead 24–0 with ninety seconds to go. With no time left on the clock, Miller added his second try of the match, setting the final scoreline: New Mexico Highlands 29, Christendom 0.