Temple vs Kutztown - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Kutztown got the scoring started off a Temple turnover, as Alex Faison-Donahoe intercepted a pass and took it all the way back for a try. Donahoe struck again, this time off a beautiful feed from his own teammate, Jonathan Sage. Before the half was over, Kutztown quickly capitalized on Temple yellow card and grabbed one more try, this one to Robert Stortz. With zeros on the clock, Temple’s Peter Mulville sent a kick ahead, and got it back with a gratuitous bounce to head past the try line. It was 21-7 Kutztown at half. The Running Bears got right back at it in the second half, as Isei Finau broke free along the sideline to pad Kutztown’s lead. Niku Kruger added yet another try for Kutztown with over four minutes remaining in the half. Kutztown got one more from Duke Makina, and another from Trent Hensley before this one was done.

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