New England College hopes to be the first men's team ever to win a 7s & 15s National Championship in the same year.

Lions Hope to be the First Men’s Team to Win a 7s & 15s National Championship in the Same Year

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New England College will be competing in the upcoming NSCRO 7s National Championship on May 30-31 at PPL Park near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia, Penn. — May 27, 2015 — The New England College Lions will be attempting to win their third National Championship in just one year, as well as their second national title in just five weeks. Earlier this year on April 26, the Lions won their first NSCRO 15s title at Infinity Park, meanwhile in June of 2014 they won an NSCRO 7s title. Although already an impressive feat, if the Lions w

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on at the 2015 Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship, they would become the first men’s collegiate rugby team to win both a 7s and 15s National Championship in the same competitive season.

There are many great men’s collegiate rugby teams across the country: Cal Bears, BYU Cougars, St. Mary’s College and Life University to name a few former national champions, but none however have been able to achieve dual national titles in the same season. The physical and mental toll the game takes on your team over the course of the season is tremendous.

St. Mary’s who just repeated as the 15s Division 1A National Champions May 9 could have done it this past weekend at the USA Rugby 7s championship in Denver, but as one of the announcers said “They look tired and banged up.” Utah upset them in the quarter finals 14-5. Coming into that weekend St. Mary’s were picked by many experts to be the favorite.

NEC, like St. Mary’s is also favored to win at the NSCRO 7s national championship this weekend. However coming off 2014’s success where they placed 2nd in 15s and 1st in 7s, coach Jeremy Treece said, “Last season was a grind. Training for both disciplines in the spring took its toll on us physically and psychologically. We were drained, broken, and exhausted by season’s end.” Between 7s and 15s a typical rugby program will compete in 30+ games over nine months, and that doesn’t include the 150+ training sessions and 500+ hours of physical and mental commitment you endure in any given season.

Treece explained last week, “We are worn out. I have given the boys as much time off as I can to rest without sacrificing fitness. With as many good teams that will be in Philly next weekend, it will truly be an unbelievable accomplishment if we can pull it off.”

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