Penn Mutual CRC Qualifier Underway in Las Vegas - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Penn Mutual CRC Qualifier Underway in Las Vegas

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Day one of the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship qualifier at the 2015 Las Vegas Invitational had a little bit of everything – blowouts, barnburners, comebacks and upsets. For eight teams, the dream of playing in the CRC in front of thousands of fans and a national television audience is still alive. For 16 more, day two will be all about pride.
Moving on with perfect records are Arkansas State, St. Joe’s, American International College, Kutztown and Air Force. Lindenwood won its pool with a 2-0-1 record, and the team that drew with the Lions, Notre Dame College, also gets into the Cup Quarterfinals. Utah, which lost a nail biter to AIC, also sneaks into the final eight.
TimeFieldTeam 1PtsTeam 2Pts
9:20 AM17Utah48Point Loma Nazarene5
9:40 AM17American International College32Wheeling Jesuit7
10:00 AM17Arkansas State36Univ. of Notre Dame5
10:20 AM17Stony Brook22Wittenburg0
12:00 PM17Utah31Wheeling Jesuit0
12:20 PM17American International College36Point Loma Nazarene0
12:40 PM17Arkansas State29Wittenburg5
1:00 PM17Stony Brook24Univ. of Notre Dame26
2:40 PM17Utah19American International College22
3:00 PM17Point Loma Nazarene0Wheeling Jesuit33
3:20 PM17Arkansas State38Stony Brook0
3:40 PM17Univ. of Notre Dame22Wittenburg10
TimeFieldTeam 1PtsTeam 2Pts
8:00 AM19Kutztown University26Columbia Univ.0
8:20 AM19Miami University10Univ of Buffalo19
8:40 AM19Air Force Academy29Dartmouth15
9:00 AM19Georgetown Univ17Pittsburgh12
9:20 AM19Saint Joseph's University14Creighton University0
9:40 AM19James Madison56Lewis and Clark0
10:00 AM19Lindenwood Univ.10Notre Dame College10
10:20 AM19Bowling Green U.43Oklahoma0
10:40 AM19Kutztown University33Univ of Buffalo5
11:00 AM19Miami University36Columbia Univ.0
11:20 AM19Air Force Academy33Pittsburgh7
11:40 AM19Georgetown Univ0Dartmouth50
12:00 PM19Saint Joseph's University46Lewis and Clark0
12:20 PM19James Madison14Creighton University0
12:40 PM19Lindenwood Univ.38Oklahoma5
1:00 PM19Bowling Green U.19Notre Dame College21
1:20 PM19Kutztown University19Miami University12
1:40 PM19Columbia Univ.14Univ of Buffalo33
2:00 PM19Air Force Academy24Georgetown Univ5
2:20 PM19Dartmouth36Pittsburgh7
2:40 PM19Saint Joseph's University24James Madison7
3:00 PM19Creighton University0Lewis and Clark14
3:20 PM19Lindenwood Univ.31Bowling Green U.0
3:40 PM19Notre Dame College26Oklahoma5
TimeField#GamePool 1PlacePtsPool 2PlacePts
9:20 AM1725QFCupArkansas StateCupUtah
9:40 AM1726QFCupKutztownCupAir Force
10:00 AM1727QFCupAICCupLindenwood
10:20 AM1728QFCupSaint Joseph'sCupNotre Dame College
12:00 PM1733Cup#25Loser-#26Loser-
12:20 PM1734Cup#27Loser-#28Loser-
TimeField#GamePool 1PlacePtsPool 2PlacePts
8:00 AM1925QF BowlBowlGeorgetownBowlPoint Loma Nazarine
8:20 AM1926QF BowlBowlWhittenbergBowlPittsburgh
8:40 AM1927QF BowlBowlCreightonBowlColumbia
9:00 AM1928QF BowlBowlLewis and ClarkBowlOklahoma
9:20 AM1929Plate QFPlateDartmouthPlateWheeling Jesuit
9:40 AM1930Plate QFPlateUniv. Notre DamePlateMiami Univ.
10:00 AM1931Plate QFPlateBuffaloPlateBowling Green
10:20 AM1932Plate QFPlateJames MadisonPlateStony Brook
10:40 AM1933Bowl#25Loser-#26Loser-
11:00 AM1934Bowl#27Loser-#28Loser-
11:20 AM1935SF Bowl#25Winner-#26Winner-
11:40 AM1936SF Bowl#27Winner-#28Winner-
12:00 PM1937Plate#29Winner-#30Winner-
12:20 PM1938Plate#31Winner-#32Winner-
12:40 PM1939SF Plate#29Loser-#30Loser-
1:00 PM1940SF Plate#31Loser-#32Loser-
1:40 PM1941Bowl Final#35Winner-#36Winner-
2:00 PM1942Plate Final#39Winner-#40Winner-

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