Player Q&A: Bloomsburg's Atalyia Eisenhauer - Collegiate Rugby Championship
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  – March 3, 2017  – The University of Bloomsburg women’s rugby team will be making its second appearance at the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship this June. In the last two years the school has had notable success.

Fall 2015 (15s season)

  • Mid-Atlantic Rugby Conference (MARC) Champions
  • 15s Nationals – placed 3rd  of DII teams

Spring 2016 (7s season)

  • MARC Champions
  • American Collegiate Rugby Association (ACRAs) – placed 2nd
  • 7s Nationals – placed 2nd of DII teams

Fall 2016 (15s season)

  • MARC Champions
  • Ranked 6th in the DII College Fall Top 20

Now going into 2017 the team hopes to continue down its path of progressing towards being a very accomplished. Atalyia Eisenhauer, one of the team’s sophomore’s, made time to sit down and chat about how transformative her experience with the sport has been.

Bloomsburg girls
Do you have a strategy to manage your time?

My number one friend is my ‘planner’ for sure. I definitely plan out everything in advance. I try to start all my schoolwork earlier so that I’m not procrastinating, and so that I have time to do it in little chunks and not burden myself with sitting in front of a computer for hours and hours a day when I don’t have that time. So I usually just try to allocate my time throughout the week. I don’t have a T.V. so I don’t watch T.V. or do anything else besides school, rugby, eating and working.

Does anything stand out to you from last year’s Penn Mutual CRC?

Well it was a truly humbling experience. I did not expect to be even playing rugby when I first joined and then to make the roster to go to the CRC. I didn’t even know what the CRC was. So going to that event was truly humbling and it was a great experience. The amount of people there- oh my gosh! I did not know that many people loved watching rugby until I got there. It was definitely eye-opening to see how many people support the sport and how many people love being in that atmosphere of rugby. It was a great experience to go. It was amazing.

Is their anything else you want to tell me about your experience playing at Bloomsburg?

I definitely admire our team and our team’s culture. That’s something that a lot of people notice about us when we go out to these tournaments and we’re playing against these other teams and other schools, being a club sport we don’t really get much support from our school at all. We don’t get any recognition. We went to nationals and placed second in the nation and our school never even tweeted about us or posted a picture. They just don’t recognize us so when we go to these places we automatically feel like a bit of an underdog. To do the great things that we do and have the success that we have and still being very humble about it is just a great thing.

We get a lot of compliments on how we are and the culture of our team is just really family oriented and it’s a really great time. Everybody that shows up to practice and sees the game even for the first time they always wind up saying they love it and they stick around. We made another team member for life.

Bloomsburg Women
How do you deal with the lack of school support?

It’s definitely difficult. We spend a lot of time stressing over finances. We try to get up and running with fundraisers right from the beginning. We try to get donations so the players aren’t setting out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to play and so we try to do that as much as we can.

Tell me about your Head Coach, Kevin Castner.

Our team has seen tremendous differences ever since he stepped in as a coach. He’s definitely taught us a lot. He’s very experienced and knowledgeable. When he’s explaining things and talking, he says it in a weird way but in a weird way we get it, you know? He’s really good at showing us the game. He’s taught all of us a lot.

…Normally club teams don’t have coaches- our men’s team doesn’t have a coach at all so they coach themselves. So they don’t get to learn those basic techniques and the true heart of the game to play it safely and play it right. So when I came in as a freshmen, not knowing anything, he takes it from the very basics all the way up to the very complex stuff. It’s definitely great to have him there and he’s very knowledgeable like I said. He teaches us a lot and he definitely makes us transcend and keep moving forward in the game.

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