East Stroudsburg - Collegiate Rugby Championship

East Stroudsburg

Team Summary

Started in 1996, the East Stroudsburg University Women’s Rugby team has always been a hard-working organization. This year they suffered a severe loss in numbers, dropping to a roster of only eighteen women. Most of which were freshman and sophomores who were still new to the game. The women who remained are some of the most dedicated women you will ever meet and followed the trend of keeping East Stroudsburg Women’s Rugby a hard-working team. They used the loss of numbers as fuel to work harder and prove people wrong. They practiced five to six days a week as well as having gym sessions on their own during the day. This season their hard work paid off. By the second tournament they were a whole new team. The women managed to get second place out of sixteen teams at the tournament and third place overall in the Mid Atlantic Rugby Conference. The Warriors have proven to themselves to be a strong team that is impossible to ignore.

Executive Board: Nicolette Maloney (P), Gina Reed (VP), Alicia Kakakios (T), Amanda Rizzuti (S)
Captains: Joslin Poole, Jackie Dvorak, Gina Reed, Nicolette Maloney
Head Coach: Chris George

Player to watch:
East Stroudsburg’s greatest amount of tries goes to senior Joslin Poole. Her versatility sends her from the backs to the forwards as needed, playing anything from winger to hooker. The CRCs will be her last chance to play rugby with her teammates and there is no doubt she will go out with a bang.

This is East Stroudsburg Women’s Rugby first time competing at the collegiate rugby championship. As a team, the East Stroudsburg Warriors are very excited for the opportunity to showcase their talents and prove themselves as a competitive team.


1PooleJoslinFly Half
4DvorakJacquelineHooker/Scrum Half
5ReedGinaProp/Scrum Half
8HornerAngelaScrum Half/Center
9MancillDesireeScrum Half
10MaloneyNicoletteFly Half