Temple Women - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Temple Women

Team Summary

The Temple University Women’s Rugby Team is up and coming but not without challenges. Our team cannot offer our players scholarships but we come equipped with dedicated coaches, devoted players, and immense support. The current squad consists of mostly freshmen and sophomores with no previous rugby experience prior to stepping on Temple’s practice field. This year is head coach Justin Muldoon, a Temple rugby alum’s, third season with the team. He’s watched his entire team graduate and have to rebuild. However, he tackled the challenge of teaching everything about rugby to a new set of women with an open mindset. Catering to the players’ strengths with the help of assistant coach Samantha Hoegle, a Bowdoin rugby alum, they have been able to successfully put together a group of rugby players who believe they can put up a fight against some of the top teams in the nation.

Year of progress: Fall 2018- Spring 2019

After heavy recruitment, Temple stepped onto the 15s season pitch with 12 of the 15 starters having never picked up a rugby ball before the first practice of the season. The other 3 players had only one season under their belt. Despite the odds not being in their favor, the team still had an impressive season of growth, focusing on refining the rugby basics and growing as a team. In between the 15s and 7s seasons, the team focused on strength and team bonding.
The spring 2019 season showed the results of the team’s hard work with a 2nd place finish in the MARC conference, a feat that the team had not seen in years. As the Temple Women’s Rugby Team prepares to play the best teams in the nation, they remain calm. The player’s know that the CRCs will bring no easy competition, but are confident that their hard work will pay off on the pitch. With only one player returning to Collegiate Rugby Championships stage from last spring, the team is expecting a immense difference in success from last year to this year with their new squad. Temple University Women’s Rugby Team is looking forward to the tournament and improving on their CRCs record from last year.