U. of Delaware Women - Collegiate Rugby Championship

U. of Delaware Women

The Women’s Rugby Football Club at the University of Delaware was founded in 1993. However, the team began to play 7s only five years ago. In the past the team has made a run at division 1 final fours. Within the last couple years, the team has been in the rebuilding phase after losing many talented seniors. This year, the team has done remarkably well following the replacement of their head coach by former assistant coach and player, Chanté Vann. This season the team has placed first in the Frostbite Tournament, placed third in subsequent tournaments, and placed fifth in both the MARC and the Navy Tournament.

  • Head Coach: Chanté Vann
  • Assistant Coaches: Christopher Morris and Mitzi Oliver
  • Captains: Paige Klein and Daykia McKnight

The 2018 CRCs will be the team’s fourth year coming out to play. Although the team has not had ideal outcomes in the past, the team has continued to show better outcomes each year. This year the team plans on continuing their run and make it to the top eight. The team itself consists of many lean and fast individuals, but don’t let their size fool you. Daykia McKnight, although only 5’2”, can take down the tallest and biggest girls out there. This team isn’t afraid to make contact and leave everything on the pitch. Paige Klein and McKayla MacAdoo are the teams graduating seniors, both acting as the team’s main props, but are very versatile and knowledgeable of the game. McKayla MacAdoo, along with Mia Moore, are the team’s leading scorers, scoring 2-3 tries on average per game each. These two are a talented duo that use their speed and power to break away and score. The team is gearing up to face the best of the best, and is sure to show everyone what they are made of.


1AlexaCraigFull Back/Wing
4ChloeHoagWing/ Full Back
5ElizabethBron-CorderroHooker/ Prop
6DahliaLaBanProp/ Hooker
No NumberÊAlyssaBurksWing
No NumberÊ(Reserve)KatieMcGinnisHooker
3 (Out For Tournament)AilaPietroFull Back